Historical City Centre – Highlights

On this city walk, which takes about 2 hours, we are going to explore the historical city centre with its most important landmarks as for example the former imperial residence – the so called ‘Hofburg’ where – amongst others – the imperial treasury as well as the stables of the world famous white horses, the ‘Lipizzaner’ are located. Our way leads us across the “Graben” where we´ll see the ‘Plague column’, a masterpiece of baroque sculpting, to the impressive gothic St. Stephan´s Catherdral, the heart of Vienna.

On our way we are going to get in touch with typical Viennese matters like for example the Viennese Art Nouveau (Jugendstil), the Viennese coffee house tradition as well as the life of the emperor Francis Joseph and his beloved wife ‘Sisi’.

Not only these typical sights but also little side streets and hidden courtyards will leave you the most memorable souvenirs of this city walk.